January 20, 2005


The DSL modem ate itself, so I bribed Ben Fasman to let me work out of the Biz3 offices, where I am enjoying full use of his vacationing boss' swivel chair and enourmous, ergonomic desk. Not having internet access inside the apartment cave, having only the radio, and Monkey the feral cat as furry-messenger-dispatch/makeshift Saint Bernard, well, I feel isolated, like I am living on an ice-floe. It is winter dark all morning and day and night, and it does not matter whether you pull the shades or not, it is dark and cold just the same.

I scraped ice off the car this morning with a promotional calendar from PETA, and I remembered that last year, I used a Simple Minds record, which held up all winter. Considered what record I could use once the Peta calendar dissentigrates.

Last night, it snowed some perfect snow while I was away at the Jean Grae show. I went out on the porch to smoke and there was no wind at all and the snow flakes were so big they had their own shadows to warn they were coming down under the street light. I walked a circle into the newest driveway snow, and compared it to yesterdays driveway arc I stomped out to mark yesterdays snowfall. I pretended I was Andy Goldsworthy. I felt very acomplished, despite that they were really crooked. I also felt very old world, measuring the 24 hours snowfalls by how much of my footprints has disappeared.

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