January 14, 2005


Sasha has started a fun semantical debate amongst the blogs over whether "nostalgia is a rock critics heroin". Speaking as someone who has never done coke nor heroin, but been around enough of it to "know" (know what?!), and someone who has been around enough nostalgia and rock critics to "know" -- I say this: Nostalgia might be cocaine, because nostalgia is the trick drug of the critic, the feel wonderful for a second, but it's all myth. It's all come down and feel bad from there. Nostalgia is about romance with a past, a scenario with a utopian cast, and there is nothing but sad clouds upon you when you drag that into the here and now. This, perfectly exampled, is why reading Magnet Magazine is a total bum out, because it's delusions of the past projected on a scrim over today's reality. It the idea that nothing can ever live up to yr BITD (back in the day)-hood, which is different than being obsessed with a song from 3 years ago. The today-relevancy of Robert Pollard is tied sailor knot style to the juniour year of college, when "Kicker of Elves" was the song you whistled on your way to your cool job, back before school loans and turning 30 were kicking your ass. Nostalgia is cocaine if you are bitter enough that you complain about how every band now sucks and kids have no ethics when someone puts on a Fugazi record. Thats the critical key hits in the bathroom stall.

I can tell you what is a really good song: Book of Flags, the single (non alb) version by Q and Not U. Jon Davis does a drum roll on the woodblock and it's CNN-streaming urgent. I like that shit. You know who is a great dancer: Julianne Shepherd. I have danced with her a lot, and she routinely performs in her living room, so you should try and parlez and invite, or just go stand outside her apartment some nights to catch a glimpse of her serving an imaginary dance floor.

Me? I am still in Minneapolis til Monday, and my snot freezes inside my nose everytime I leave the house. It is not pretty at all.

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