January 10, 2005


What might have been the weirdest drug deal in history.

Someone had given him some free cocaine, as a present, reward, maybe, for being in a band. He was asking us "what should I do with it?" -- this he is asking to three people that do not ever do cocaine, hate cocaine, are stone-cold sober. Another one of Mr. Free Cocaine's band mates hears this and his eyes go into a sick peircing, and the offers begin to flow
"I will give you 20 for a bump.I will buy some off you.Let me buy a bump for me and one for my girl."

"We're in a band together, I am not going to sell you free cocaine. I think i am just going to save it for another time."

"C'mon man. Just a bump."

"I am not going to sell it to you. It was free."

"Ok, then I will trade you a hug for a bump. A hug from me and a hug from my girl. Thats a real deal. Two hugs for two bumps."

"I dunno."

"Then how about two bumps and I never bring up the time you pissed my bed, ever agian. Slate is cleaned, and it's cashed"

"Ok, deal. Line one up for me then, too." (passes him mini envelope)

I have never done cocaine, and though have heard much about it, seen plenty of it's grossness on the creep, but I have never imagined that you could trade it for two hugs and some forgiveness.

Otherwise, the show was great. Seeing Sean with his band makes me incredibly proud of him, in his new rapper-as-bandleader role, and detailing beyond that might embarrass both of us. Plus, you would likely assume it's all bias, critical reasoning and opinion veers into the ditch, replaced by goo-goo love mush. So, I will just tell you "It was great."

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