January 04, 2005


My Pazz and Jop submittal follows, and the unofficial explanation (non official comments) follow.

Jessica Hopper, your votes have been recorded.
Your Pazz & Jop albums ballot was submitted as follows:

1. tv on the radio - bloodthirsty babes - touch n' go (30 points)
2. jean grae - this week - third earth (10 points)
3. sonic youth - sonic nurse - dgc (10 points)
4. pj harvey - b-sides (10 points)
5. animal collective - sung tongs (10 points)
6. brother ali - champion - rhymesayers (10 points)
7. psalm one - mixtape - vinyl addicts (5 points)
8. weather - demo - self-released (5 points)
9. perfect panther - demo - self-released (5 points)
10. kiki - june dj mix - B-Pitch Control (5 points)

1. My actual comments submitted to the voice are primarily about race, rockism, why most everything written about TVOTR calls them "america's premier black rock band" (and not americas premier band) and why yet no one will put a tough question to Cam'ron or Snoop for their rape-raps, because hip hop is not "the community" of senior editors at Blender (para exemplo) and they are afraid to come off as misunderstanding whiteys, striking critique where they should not, and thusly, Jack White et al. stays in the spotlight, Tunde and the remarkable girl bands get railroaded into the sidelines, black rappers go into a velvet lined holding pen with a stocked bar, and white rappers get shuttled to a cheap room at the Airport Radisson where they can be put under observation, so they can be asked again and again, baitingly "Sooooo... why do you think so many girls like your music?"
2. I like Jean Grae best for her songs this year that were not on her album, but I cannot vote for those alone. She's been in the trenches for 15 years, people finally care and she is still bitter, and I like that. Thats real. Not everyone can be Ted Leo, genuflecting with catholic humility at the feet of the audience.
3. I have listened to this record four times, and I liked it everytime.
4. Could not stand the album, but the B sides were indulgently raw and it all made me wonder what she is hiding and why she keeps showing us her panties.
5. I like the "doo-doo-doo-doot-doo" part, like they are little elves coming down a curly slide, percussing with their wooden shoes clacking.
6. I like it when people rap about loving God and children, and everyone else is voting for Kanye.
7 - 10 is because I like those bands live. I should of put q and not u and hold steady on there, but whatever, I forgot.

Your Pazz & Jop singles ballot has been recorded as follows:
1. Ghostface - ""run" (pistol pete remix)" - white label
2. randy jones - "my pretty pony" - Orac
3. snoop dogg - "drop iit like it's hot" - major label
4. anthony hamilton - "charlene"
5. T.I.feat Bun B, Chingy, UTP crew etc - "fucking crunk hat" - white
6. YYY's - "Y control (tommie sunshine remix)" - warner
7. de la soul feat MF doom - "I forget the name of the song" - major
8. M.I.A. - "Heroes" - virgin germany
9. hold steady - "the 80s" - frenchkiss
10. lady stush - "" lady stush"" - white label

1. I downloaded this, I think, from Fluxblog, and listened to it 3 times a day most every day. I put "white label" because that is my hope, I keep looking for it in the bins.
2. Julianne emailed this to me, and I listened to it for an hour straight on repeat two days in a row in Febuary, have not listened since. But I can sing it to you, because it's legacy is in my mind.
3. I voted for this because I love the dance Julianne did to it in her living room, and because Pharrell cannot sing even when there are 16 generous tracks of his voice on the chorus, and I love amateurs who do not have regard for propriety.
4. I think that is the name of the song. I put it down because he sounds like he means it, because he sounds like a bullfroggy D'angelo and because he admits fur coats ain't shit when yr not home taking care of the baby while he is out on tour.
5. I got this off S/FJ's best of 2005 list, because America is a free country and that song really drives the message home. It was either that or Beastie Boys "Voting is Dope" for "message" songs for 2004.
6. I heard this in the club last week. I danced.
7. Someone emailed me this song, this spring, and I loved it til the fall. I never bothered to learn it's name, I never managed to pick up the record, but it is on the list because what is actually important here is that I liked it. Sean told me last night it is called "Rock Kokaine Flow". I saw them on TV last month, Pos seemed angry. I wonder what that is about. Maybe him and Jean Grae got in a big fight.
8. M.I.A are great live, and I do not like this song that much, but despite it being in German, I have listened enough to know it phoentically.
9. The Hold Steady may or may not actually have a song called "the 80s", but it is more a vote for the sentiment of Reagan-era hedonism and resentment, that they manage to encapsulate, lyrically. It is a vote for THS's coverage of the Eighties, really.
10. I think this is what this song is called, because it's all I can really understand what she is saying - her own name.

(Also, what i would of really voted for, but forgot was again, Q and Not U, but I voted for them and El Gaupo last year and I think I was the only person who voted for either of them, so lets call it pre-emptive, because yr all voting for them next year.)

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