December 25, 2004


Being snowed out of Indiana, some what thankfully, I am off to cook up "spicy food", see movies and hang out with bandmates, Miles & JR, orphans and assorted visitors and XMAS haters. Last night was church, chainsmoking and finishing the restored version of Plath's Ariel.

Not nearly as interesting the very true story of a holiday of yore on Britt's blog. She ends the story before she arrives home, with the rentals, Amy in tow, Amy, about whom I had been warned had been smoking dust while she was away at college, and was now frightened of... Britt and I shared a room - we had bunkbeds. I had the top bunk, and was already asleep. Sometime during the night, her and Amy kicked me awake, by bouncing their feet against my mattress above, screaming with laughter - "WAKE UP WAKE UP YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!" -- What was it I had to see? On the TV: Some red head girl in a naughty nurse negligee, track marks on the back of her knees and some pimpled janky blonde girl with a perm, bending a beautiful girl with a heavy Puerto Rican accent over a leather couch, threatening to give her an enema. "You girrrz eez zo meeene" coos the girl on the couch, who is in the throes of reluctant erotic rapture over the forced colon-cleansing by the two skanks who have abducted her, and brought her to the windowless suburban basement. There is a cut-away to the scabby junkie girls hand squeezing an enema bag. Amy and Britt are running their own commentary along with the movie. Enema 17 . Xmas 1994, I was 18 years old, the first time I ever saw porn.


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