December 22, 2004


The mailbox burped a terrif new package to me today: I AM INVITED TO FRESHMAN ORIENTATION! This is totally sweet of THE COLLEGE , considering that I am deferring until at least fall 2005, as I have not found any crisp $24,000-bills laying around my house just yet, and will not be registering for classes til I get that change. The federal financial aid website says I qualify for $23,000 in assitance because I am just that sort of poor, which is relieving in a depressing way (Finally, an upshot to only making $7,603 in 2002!). Meanwhile, all this is held up by the difficult fact that I am not 17 like the rest of the freshman, which when put to the financial aid bureauracracy, is 30 types of confusing. No, I do not have that kind of a form, I have not been claimed as a dependent since 1993. I also do not have a W-2 form -- I have not been an employee in 11 years.
This crunkulates their big machine.
I have never wished so much that I was a high school senior working summers at DQ, as I do when I open the insistant letters from the school.
Later: I must re-iterate I am going to be 34 in 2009, when I graduate something I feel obliged to footnote to the fruffled-sounding woman in student affairs, when I call to ask if the cheap-ass student insurance they offer covers "maternity". (No, I am not pregnant now. Sean promises: "I will not start ruining your life like that until we're married.")

None the less, I am going to go to the FRESHMAN ORIENTATION and sit through the presentation on dorm life and love it. At this rate, I may never actually get in, so I have to get as much mileage as possible out of that $150 non refundable admissions deposit of mine. I am eating every single complimentary Triscuit they got to offer at that shit.

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