December 15, 2004


Please, allow me confuse yr shit up even more:
If you came here from the Green Day punk/not punk discussion on the mssg brds you are not looking for me , you are looking for Jane Dark who is posing as a paggro situationist poet doing business as "Felizitas" and discussing greendaypunknotpunk on the blog that otherwise belongs to a man prescient enough that he started a NY-based disco band 11 years before it was de rigeur.

I will not argue nor discuss the punkness of anyone or any band, though I will attempt to sate you into bookmarking with this tidy anecdote: New Years Eve 1994, I did meet Billy Joe Armstrong at a Nirvana show at a colliseum (like "emporium", only bigger!), then the next day happened to be seated next to him on an airplane flight from Oakland to LAX. That was back when you could smoke in the Oakland airport, which was trashy-feeling and fantastic. We made small talk, I bummed him a cigarette. I asked him "Why does you necklace say "DOOKIE"?" - "It's an album I'm making with my band, actually."

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