December 13, 2004


Trevor Kelley, of the Punch it In Blog, (who is writing the major-label emo band book equivalent of J. G. Dunne's movie-studio-machine behind the curtain tell all Monster ) challenged me a few weeks back to write an essay about being a muse (or not) / having a muse / being a writer in a luv-relationship with another writer (I think of his as a rapper secondly) who may or may not use our relationship for song fodder, which may or not be fodder or inspiration for my own writing, and manage to do so without discussing Sean's records. That essay may take all of winter 04-05 to fidget over before unraveling itself enough to be typed out, as I mostly just taking notes.

But, meanwhile, here is what it is like, for today, being two artists in love and navigating shared intellectual property:

" I was wondering - would it be offensive if I changed "horny horns" to be called "horny ponycorn horns"? would that offend you in anyway?
"no. why would it be offensive to? should I be offended?"
"well, ponycorns and unicorns are your thing."
"horny horns is not about me though, is it?"
"no. "
"Why interject "ponycorns" then?"
"I want to add ponycorn because it looks great when it's written down."
"Then use it. No one but you and me and Julianne ever even reference ponycorns anyway."
"Yeah, it's like -- yeah, what is a ponycorn is anyway? Ok. thanks."

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