December 13, 2004


Starting Jan 2, the CTA is scheduled to the begin the jacking the train/bus riding people. Massive lay-offs, a 100% regular fare increase, a 600% increase on Upasses and night time service cuts on the red and blue line trains are in the works. The last major service reductions were in 1998, on the lines with heavy ridership, those lines being the only real service out to the most densely black and latino communities of the city - Pilsen, Little Village, Southside, Ida B Wells, which effectively isolating those communities from the rest of Chicago .

Anyhow, so here is info on the fare strikes and actions proposed for this week. Fuck the racist ass CTA, and their train-route "ring" expansion that only serves to get people in Barrington to Cubs Games/the Airport, and double fuck Mayor Daley and his continual deference to anyone and everyone other than the people of the city for whom, the trains are their only means.

Plus, serious night time cuts to the blue line means waiting outside at the, say, the Damen stop for a rill long time, aka the Damen stop that is a favorite for the serial rapists of Chicago aka where five women have been raped after exiting in the last three years, three of the women by two different still un-caught serial rapists. So, if Damen stop is your stop, too, see you at the Mayors Office on Weds AM, yeah?

Rally/Press Conference at the Mayor's Office
>> Wednesday, December 15th, 9 AM

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