December 12, 2004


More Anders Nilsen comix, in sketch-book work starring a bird from Big Questions: Are You My Mother?

The answers of the last few people whom I asked how and what they are doing:
1. Shrugged, verged on tears, forced a smile.
2. "I am on the bus to work."
3. "I just slept for about 12 hours, finally, and fortunately, I am still tired enough to sleep again tonight"
4. "I'm really fucking pissed, and they do not understand why I am - at all. Not at all."
5. "I'm on the other line with my mom, actually."
6. "I'm ok. I am trying to base my life descisions on something other than hooking up with girls, but am finding this is impossible to implement."
7. "I am at the Rose Bowl flea market, and I just realized I am surrounded by perfect asses, so I had to stop and look at all three of them (laughs hysterically)."
8. "I just woke up. What are you doing?"

What am I doing? I woke up and went to a movie (le Monde Vivande) in the new french cinema festival at the arthouse film emporium. I went only because the preview said that there was a dog playing a lion in the movie. I hoped for costumed dog, but in fact it was just a golden retriever, dubbed with lion noises. It was a very Frech fairy tale, with no costumes, the good and bad was simple, yet nebulous. I think it was about reality being a cognitive construct, that reality is fantasy. A dog is a lion if you say so, and why shouldn't it be. Child eating ogres, battling knights, erotic encounters with tree branches, beautiful women locked away, prisoner not, first most, of the ogre - but troubling self-arranged existential crisis. They did not dress princessy, they did not dress like women living out sad days in Gallic castles - they dressed in Marc Jacobs housefrau looks. The dialogue was dry, monotone, unexpressive - and very funny. One of the charcters made a joke about a sword and a Lacanian witch. I was the only person who laughed at that. Granted, there were only eight people else in the theatre, so I was left to debate whether my laughing meant I was smarter or dumber than everyone else/whether it was a joke or not . The second best part, aside from the Lion-doggie was that an old man just gave me his ticket to the film. He was confused "I read it wrong. This is not Moi, Ceasar !" he was standing there muddering to himself, befuddled, patting his pockets. He stopped and looked up and said "I am not going to see this movie, would you like my ticket?" - what a good luck. I got to spend my movie-dollars on a comic book about a very old lumberjack who's best friend is a dead-bear rug and mounted moose heads. What a great day.

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