December 12, 2004


I have stumbled onto the most earnest and sincere blog ever written . From the excitement for her upcoming cheerleading championships at Opryland to the prayer requests for Dick Ebersol and his family to her memorium of those lost in Pearl Harbor to her deep dislike for Algebra homework -- it is like a daisy cutter bomb of sincerity and good girl psyche, yet has the placidifying effect on the reader of say, two xanax. Read her entry on World AIDS Day and tell me I'm wrong.

In other exciting news - if you google "The Home Depot in Kalamazoo" the only site that comes up is this here Tiny Unicorn blog. I am omnificent! Yes! This helps me feel a lot better than being one of the first ten sites to come up when you search "fisting +ass + videos". Oh, the things sitemeter can elucidate.

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