December 09, 2004


Britt L-B writes:
"How quickly we forget! I seem to remember a certain young lady modelling some pantyhose. That pantyhose news item kept us in PBR, smokes and muffin batter for at least a week. Pantyhose in the news saved us once."

This is true. This might be the strangest thing I have ever done for money. Sometime late 1994, I worked modelling control top pantyhose . I weighed about 97 lbs., and they needed someone slim, so it looked like the "control" aspect really worked. During this time, Britt and I lived together in a squalid 1 bedroom (we had bunkbeds!), I had no job, she supported me and our primary sustenance was Peter Pan brand muffin-mix and unpicked-up'd take out food from she would bring home from her job. Thusly, my stint in pantyhose was for-real big-time ballin for us.

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