December 06, 2004


Most of the weekend is alreadily detailed on the inimitable Hookers on Stilts blog. The fascination with the "next blog" button on Blogspot is just kicking off - and cannot be under-rated as a theraputic tool. Read with awe and neutral unfascination at the lives you could have had and wonder...

Sami's World, as of this weekend, is my latest and most favorite. Her teen verisimilitudes, about sixth period lunch with Meags, about trips to Forever21 and Abercrombie after school, her propensity for following any mention of food with "mmm" and every mention of school with "bleh" or "blehness" or "total blehness", plus her handy Xmas-countdown list -- a window into the soul of a popular girl -- and it is pure gold.

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