November 29, 2004


For all the people hitting this site after googling "unicorn" - there are no unicorn pictures here. Try Elfwood , the fantasy art online community. Madd unicorns there.

The Gel and Weave blog is a storm of vernaculars and poem accidents. The "no punctuation" rule they apply makes it feel like a teenage panic tome, Ferlinghetti's Coney Island dreams and the liner notes to a Mobb Deep cassingle. Ample use of "bcz" and lines like "heres a video r made for, it looks like thug holiday-era trick d held hostage on al jazeera" or "rakims voice ws the last acceptable monotone in real rapper hiphop (doin joints w havoc and guru, who carry on the flatline torch)" -- loving it.

I could tell you about the weekend, so I will.
Went to see the Kills for no reason ( gee Alison Mosshart's ponytail is long. I wish she was still chubs. More famous girls need to stop skinnying up.) and left when Sean began suggesting he kick Jack White's ass, for everything JW has said about Sean's other girlfriend, hip hop. Jack White is thick, and is all Detroit rivethead, likely, but Sean has about a foot on him and would do anything to make Murs proud. Sean = tender thug, JW = blue collar scrapper genes, but I think that's a perm in his hair.. so. My money is on Sean re: the midwest duke out, so I dragged him home rather than let the mythologies tangle.

I could tell you about the 400 people who showed up for our benefit, but I would be lying. There were not so many people at the all uphill dance party benefit for the rock camp. Though the Empty Bottle was very pleased at our 60-person draw, as last year they had a T Raumschmiere show on the Thnkgvg Sunday and one person showed up, so "BINOCULARS" was a landslide success by comparison. JR played some neck snapping Jermaine Jackson instrumental B-side (a punchline waiting to happen) and Miles and I danced. Then Miles played some TV on the Radio, and me and my roomate danced. Then I played Dixie Cups "Iko Iko" and the sound guy put down his book and danced. It was like being at home, but with way more strangers-strangers and Nas turned up much louder than my stereo goes, so it was pretty fantastic.

Did you like that story? Was it refreshing?

If I do not know you personally, please write me at mcfrenchvanilla at yahoo dot com and tell me about your weekend. Whomever writes me and shares the tale of the most boringness-est will get a special present in the mail from me, as a condolence gift: a CD that will spice up even the dullest lifestyle and an autographed picture of me rollerskating. Please include your address. No lying.

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