November 27, 2004


Even though it might mean I bounce those seven massive checks I sent to the IRS last week, I went and bought some comics today, as Quimby's was having thier annual blow out zine back stock sale. I did not buy the 25-cent back issue of Horizontal Action, or issue of Punk Planet from 1999. I bought a coffee table book, the new Hamster Man Anthology , and the Anders Nilsen new comic, from Drawn & Quarterly, Dogs and Water. Anders Nilsen, I get mortifyingly embarrassed every time I see him, since discovering four years ago, he was my neighboor, recognizing him as he was xeroxing "big Questions" comics next to me at Kinkos. I sweated for about 17 minutes before turning to him and saying "Hey, did you go to South?" -- which I knew the answer to. Of course you went to South. You were three years ahead of me. You are Anders, my first punk rock boy crush, I still remember what the inscription is under your Senior Photo 13 years after the fact ("What the Replacements said." - while everyone else had shout outs to danceline, inside jokes and mention of people they would always remember.). And, just like in high school, you still have no idea who I am.

"We went to a Babes in Toyland show together in 1991," I explain, and introduce myself. I leave out all the other details that might truly jog his memory: I was about 4 feet high, purposely took the same ceramics class as you and spent several months making ashtrays and staring at you, I had braces, a middle part, wore tunics and cowboy boots and had a wide array of Mudhoney and The Fluid t-shirts. Please do not remember that era, as neither nineth grade nor the grunge era was very nice to me.

He remembers our mutual friends, but not me. He remembers the show (record release for the "To Mother" EP). I had never "moshed" at a show before. We were standing on the edge of the "the pit" -- I wanted to really seem down, like some old pro, so I started just periodically bumping, rather roughly into Anders. In trying to show off that like, yeah, I go to punk shows and mosh it up all the fucking time, man , I evidenced the exact oppisite, standing there vigourously, sporadically bumping into someone who was standing completely and totally still. After maybe the fifth time I did, he just looked down at me and said "What are you doing?" -- oh, it was just the worst.

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