November 24, 2004


Are you a Chicago person with a desire to volunteer occasionally, but your only free time is the night time? Are you angry about the current administration destroying the New Deal peice by peice, leaving poor-and-unfortunate America rotting, blanketless?

I know you are answering yes.
Here is the link to The Night Ministry.
You have seen their trailer-truck up in the Wicker Park, on yr way to the bar. They need volunteers to staff the trucks, which go out from 10 pm to 2 am (same time you reserve for shows and PBR at the Rainbo, do not front) and you hang out on the truck and you make coffee or cocoa for homeless folks, help distribute blankets, meals, be company and witness to people who no one wants to see or be company to. It is really simple shit.

Secondly, they need volunteers for the youth shelter they run, the biggest in the city, and the only one that takes pregnant girls who are 14 and under. Food service and general assistance in the shelter, etc.

If you are really going to get all reflective on your personal bounty on this, the forthcoming racist-ass holiday, maybe think about volunteering.

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