November 23, 2004


I forgot to tell you and ask you some things.

1. Why didn't you tell me that Arthur Russell's "Keeping Up" would string me up like some dead fowl on the line? I spent 21.99$ on the triple vinyl of the World of Arthur Russell , this morning, a bit of outlandish expense for me, and I would say, "Keeping UP" alone is worth 16.99$ of that. I am going to save my other money and buy that other collection of his solo magics, where he is standing with the cello, looking startled, looking like some monkey-about baby man child cleaved from mixed DNA of Mike Skinner and healthy-era Elliott Smith. I want that record just for the look on his face. He looks utterly alive and utterly bewildered. Who is this girl with the hummingbird wing voice singing with him? I have infinite capacity for sweetness these days and this suits me.

2. There is a benefit, and a kick off. Miles got him (us) a monthly night at the olde Empty Bottle, which kicks of this weekend, here in Chi-boogie, Sun. the 28th, entitled "ITS CALLED BINOCULARS" and this first round is me, JR and Miles and it is a benefit for the Rock N Roll Girls Camp that is starting up in New York City this summer. It's only $3, so you have no excuse. I am bringing some Steely Dan, some Black Box, a little "2000 Black", a Nitzer Ebb 12" and am trying to find Dixie Cups vinyl somehow/where, cos handclaps are key. JR has been playing Wrexx N' Effect "Rumpshaker" to start his set the last times I saw him, which borders on "no fair, thats cheating" because even if 11 people are there, they scream and run to the floor. Miles can actually mix and beat match, so... yeah. Come see it happen.

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