November 18, 2004


Me and my sister, like two sequestered nerd jurors, are in the laundry room. Everyone is asleep, all over the house, so we chill in the room where no one will be disturbed. Lauren reads the Tatum O Neil trasterpeice, I do all the funstuff that a dialup connection allows. It is like, 11 o' clock in a retirement community that hedges a golf course, which we have already walked around a couple times. It is too late to skateboard, something I just discovered my sister knows how to do, too. We are going to take the rental and go cruise downtown. My nana informed us there are hookers up at the traffic circle downtown. We are going because we want to know what hookers in a retirement community are like. And because it is still early and there is nothing to do in the laundry room, aside from examine the 5 framed IU basketball posters that hang there, smoke cigarettes, and laugh at the sticker my Nana recently adhered to the wall, reading: ADDICTED TO SPORTS - NOT DRUGS. -- the defiant straightedge hxc jock message is pure comedy when delivered from an 86 year old woman, via her laundry-room wall.

Today was up and down, the tension is giving way to nothing but sweet-mocking.
My mom came into the kitchen, after dinner, slightly agitated and somewhat baffled that Nana had asked her the same thing about the pie three times. "Three times ," sigh my mother. My sister and I had the same responce of total indifference to my moms plight: "Well, no shit mom, she has Alzheimers "... Earlier, while my mother and sister and I prepped and dressed her and curled her hair, my uncle popped his head in to ask what we're doing, my Nana yells "We're having an orgy! Go away!" - then adds, yelling into the other room after my totally embarrased uncle -- "Don't get all red-faced like you don't know what an orgy is!" -- this from a woman, clad only in her bra, a diaper and footies.

That made me feel like she will live forever, or at least another few months.

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