November 12, 2004


I apologize. Really. For forgetting to tell you, or remind you, of the greatest record ever made. I downloaded the boxset off emusic last week, and cried diamond tears as it imported itself into my itunes. Tied with the Gories for best shitty, blown out drum sounds ever recorded -- but still placing number one for the best-worst punk production of all time. It sounds like it was somehow recorded with a hot plate, two tampons and a dustbuster™, and yet, is airport flight path loud. The way the solo gets punched in towards the end of "TV As Eyes" is more awkward and obliterating than anything off Stooges Funhouse. Totally vampire-bite binoculars illness and vertiginous stereo-panning mixing on every track. LOVE IT.

PS. Still fuck the war, and still fuck the motherfucking president, who embarrasses every bone in my body when he says "we're gunna destroy tha terrace" -- and all I can think of is Marines firebombing patios and porches of condos all over the world, Weber grills and laundry lines coming down in charred hunks. OOOOOOHHHHH I just hate his white gutz. I hope he trips over a pickle.

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