November 03, 2004



"I never thought he was going to win. Sure, we live in 'hoods with Kerry signs all over the lawn, but America hates fags and loooooves kickass! ."

"You are just saying this because you are Canadian. Whatever."

Meanwhile, in record time, I was accepted to the college of my choice a mere 4.5 hours after my portfolio review. I felt like a baller. I now have 13 days to find a way to be supplied with the eleven-grand for for my first four months of the school year. This should be interesting.

This is the part where I start convincing myself that I do not need a BFA, and that I could be totally happy just investing in a riding mower and starting a seasonal lawn care business. Or just defer for the duration of Bush's four more years, and move to the Seychelles and learn how to split coconuts with my hands, drive a golf cart for a living.

Hi everyone. Hi sad friends. Hi.

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