November 01, 2004


I am so of the adult ranks. I cannot figure exactly how I feel about it. I did a prelim walk through of the college I am trying to get into later this week, the college where I am approx 11 years older than all the other freshman. I hope that if I do get in, it's at least as good as that Rodney Dangerfield movie where he has to go back to school. Young Dave Lewis, who is currently in art school as well reminds me that admittance should be a cake walk, in part because my competition are all high school seniors armed with the kind of paintings all 17 year olds make. (My previous art school portfolio review, when I was 16 and applying for admittance to the arts high school I attended. The review was a tandem competition. I was up against a kid who made shoebox diarama with self-contemplating phrases like "WHY?" in glitter pen on the side. I tied my bullshit still life shots of butter in all it's forms to some rhetoric about Diane Arbus and thusly beat out Mr. Goth Diary Diarama.)

None the less, walking the halls of the school, I started to sweat it, then shit on the concept of higher education completely, later quietly convincing myself that the only truly impressive thing I saw of student exhibition all afternoon was the immaculate shelf of an ass on the girl working the front desk in admissions. I had to have Sean remind me of any and all reasons I have admitted out loud about why I am applying. Why I am not turning myself over to, say, the world of professional babysitting. I summone3d the courage to soldier on, go through with the rest of my essay-editing and applications (What artists work has been most influential on your own? My answer: "NEA 7-era Karen Finley").

Meanwhile, there are much bigger things to keep our fat American fingers crossed in hopes of. Perhaps if, by a stroke of grace and glory, Old Testament God-justice is at hand tomorrow and not only is Bush out, BUT, Cheney will have to serve prison time in some no Geneva-Convention-complying third world prison, where he will have to turn tricks in exchange for little cups of filthy river water and sucking the Propecia grease off his own hair for nourishment - AND! AND! it will be the premiere reality TV series on C-SPAN, following BookTalk.

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