October 26, 2004


Because we still like minimal techno better than throwback house, and we still like Queensbridge classix more than we like ironic sweatpants on the dancefloor.

Because we love it when Animal Collective makes the animal sounds.

Because we do not have words to talk about our feelings when we watch Sean Tillmann smooth his nipple hair on the Har Mar Superstar EPK/DVD.

Because it is still warm enough for you to bike to my house if you wanted.

Because the part in Unrest's "Skinhead Girl" where Mark Robinson goes "Oh, I want to fuck you / I want to fuck you all the time" still makes us blush worse than that Lady Saw song about the vaseline.

Because we spend our mornings hemming and hawing over how to look more like Rickie Lee Jones on the cover of her first record, because no one ever looked more mousy-sexy and sang-froid in a beret.

Because we downloaded nine hours of Indian Playback singer compilations last night, so we could hear Asha Bhosle's reedy high voice doused in shortwave fidelity and string arrangements that would be generously classified as "wacky."

Because I want to take Jean Grae on a date, but I think she would kill me.

Because we love the part on the new Buckner album where he goes "Awww, C'mon..." to some mystery girl, trying to ply her with an earnestness previously unheard.

Because we put cayenne pepper, chili powder, used catlitter, mint extract and spicy peanuts on the floor to keep away the mouse, and he still keeps coming on strong.

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