October 20, 2004


My friend Cali emailed last night with strange, strange life news. News that is possibly from a paralell life. A director who's work I love is making a film about a friend of ours that died, whom we were both with around the time of his death - Cali reports this his role is being played by Lucas Haas. Cali suggested that my role would be played superbly by Gary Coleman. I suggested the only one I wanna see as a 17-yr-old shaved-head me on the big screen is that anorexic Olsen twin.

In the van, on tour, I would quiz everyone on who would be cast as us in "$100 Gaurantee: The Challenger Story" -- always insisting I really only would feel ok being played by older european actresses, or Anouk Aimee . Or by an animatronic dog or a baby, with the voice done by a very drunk Fran Drescher.

On to the real flossing: Today, in the mail came the DaCapo Best of Music Writing 2004. The book-book version. My name is on the outside of it and inside as well. A book! It is not so much that I am in something that indicates I am in the top nth percentile of rock writing, which is sort of like when I was voted "Most Interesting Girl" in my 7th grade year book, and "Most Interesting Boy" went to the janitors son who was in on scholarship, whom absolutely no one would talk to and had an eau-de-coldcuts about him... Anyhow, it is more just being in a book. Because I love books. Books are the love of my goddamn life. I considered going and buying a few, to post to my family, but I remembered my liberal usage of the word cum rag in the essay, and figured that my Nana does not need to be seeing that. Really.

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