October 15, 2004

A little modesty and a little falafel.

Thank god Britt has time to kill despite being in law school and is finding worthwhile internet sites like fashion sites by and for Mormon Teen Girls, promoting modest dress, and alluding to that, infact, if you dress immodestly, you will promote other people to sin by lusting after you, and also, they may rape you or touch you, which can be prevented by wearing long skirts.

I am blogging from bed, as I was up late reading all 55 pages of the deposition in Bill O' Reilly sexual harrassment suit. The best part, really, aside from believing he may in fact perish in the hell of public scrutiny, is the part on page 16, where after describing how he would like to take a shower with this woman, who he is the boss of, and scrub her with a loofah, he then calls the loofah, inexplicably " a falafel" and says he would rub it against her cho-cha, just to "tease [her] ". The paragraph ends with: "The plaintiff Andrea Mackris was repulsed." No shit! I do not think it is possible to conjure a more sexually repulsifying idea than Bill O Reilly going downtown with a falafel.

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