October 08, 2004


New York and Brooklyn. I am coming to your town tomorrow. Mostly to cook for Julianne, see a couple shows and go on an apple-picking field trip with a friend of mine who is seven years old. I have been to CMJ for the last nine years, and have sufficiently doused myself in it's schmooze-stream, and so this visit is going to be about mueseums, finishing up my current embroidery project of sewing Earth Wind & Fire Lyrics on to a skirt, taking in the thin morning light of Brooklyn and pumping Andy for emo-gossip. If you are desiring of some face-time with me and my psychic-siamese-twin, J-Shep, if you wanna make some God's Eyes from yarn and popsicle sticks with us late into the night while gnawing at some vegan steak and all that, reach out. If you wanna dance around to the best song ever while we help you pick out an outfit to wear to show, reach out. If you need a reassuring discussion about fatherhood in relation to Lacan's formulation of french feminism(s) after a long day of business card doling amidst the vampiric stumpers - reach out. Reach out.

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