October 07, 2004


Dan, who was in close proximity to me most of the time I was on Warped Tour, has posted a few pictures of the kids and trash of Warped on his site look under "music" .

On the internet, we have been reading about mice. It says that three mice, in three weeks can become 18 mice. Like they are wet Gremlins or splitting atoms. I think we only have one mouse, and that he is here because he is trapped. I have tried leaving the door open to see if he makes an escape, but we hear him being stupid in the trash most every night. Thusly, if we apply the atom-split formula, this one mice will become six mice very soon. So we are trying to stop it because you never know which vermin has got some ebola-like plague to give you, right? The internet says "Get a cat. Mice will smell the cat and run!" - my roommate and I are non-committal, part-time kind of bitches, and thusly, no one we asked will "loan" us their cat. The websites say that if we cannot get a cat, try just putting used cat litter in boxes around the house. Terrific, the great benefits of a cat box without all that terrible meowing.

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