October 01, 2004


Day one back in Chicago. Feeling utterly like a monkey back in the zoo. I gotta go chimp it in a tie, on a little bike, my fez on crooked, for a field trip carousing in the bleachers. I know the drill. I know what I have to do to get the banana-treat around here.

Being away from Chicago, up in the sweet-wild of Minneapolis, who's familiar is so different, it's vague, grassy-hilled "boring" terminally luxuriating... I come back and all I see is the cracks on the sidewalk, the shabby vibes, the blue-collar miseries in the shadow of monolithic 429,000$ one-bedroom condos, the evil looking babies - their moonpie faces gone rascalled and scowling like they are gonna hop from their strollers and teethe viciously on my knees just to watch them bleed.

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