September 22, 2004


Felt the psychic wherewithall (sp?) to soldier forth into more chapters of the Muses of Great Artists book. The ideas in it that are depressing, really, to me, is that history is intractable. In the stories of Gala Dali and others, I see the stories of my best friends, or myself (as a publicist), forgetting our own bold stories and creative desire to donkey-cart the ideas of great, tortured men - a fevered submitting to stinting as a pamphletter for another's cause. Being the tentpole for his process, his damage, his mommy-issue that will transmogrify into art that will heal/heel him, or heal the world.

Only the releiving chapter on Lou Andreas-Salome, conspirator to Rilke, Freud (ugh) and Nietze (sp), where she is recorded of being of a mind like that of a woman who had not been told she was a woman. Not conforming to pressures and expectation of what her femininity/life was 'sposed to play like. She stayed free, and managed peerdom, publishing on her own. (granted, her memoirs border on biography (again) of the great men ), Freud quietly crediting her for innagurating (not simply inspiring) ideas he took to new hilt.

And, still, a full century later, I see the same mini-dramas played out in the lives of women I love and barely know. Sociliazed into subversion, relegated to singing backups on the album, too uncomfortable to toddle into the world alone, or unarmored by the approval/reins/proxy of the powerful, mercurial artist-man -- and the (tethered) tread and entre which affords her in a world where she otherwise does not have permission to be.

Do we have to exhume the corpse of riot girl and run bell hooks for president to change this course? Bust magazine alone does not liberate us from this. I want to know where and how and especially when the new text for women's lives in art gets drafted. I am afraid a lot of great ideas, a lot of great women are languishing in the shadows otherwise doomed until then.

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