September 19, 2004


I am beginning to make a living as a writer, and this frightens me. Perhaps mystifies me is a better phrasing. Despite the fact that, since age 15, when I began ye olde Hit it or Quit it, I have published about 90% of what I have ever written, admitting that yes in fact I am a writer and yes, I do want to be a writer is some real heavy shit, as the parlance goes. I have been writing publicly (professionally sounds overwrought) for 13 years, and I do not think it was until this week, getting multiple "real" checks for said writing, or meeting people out and people asking about or commenting on my writing, not my other work, not bands I work with, have I figured out I am a writer.

I feel much more akin to the girl i saw at the coffee shop today, all of 4 years old, who was pretending her plastic water cup was a cell phone, and was carrying on a lively, heavily animated convo with whomever was on the other side of the cups reception. All this time, I just thought I was talking into a cup.

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