September 17, 2004


Last night, in the car I was telling Sean about the book about the muses, about the unfortunate plight of the women relegated to adjunct-spotlight next to the genius and he quips that he is glad I am reading it, so now I will know what it is like for him. He insists he's the Yoko, and I am the tortured genius. Flattery gets him everywhere.

Also, for those in Chicago this weekend who like music and drinking:

The first night of HOTT/NUTTZZ, which I was supposed to DJ but will not be at:

SUN. 9/19/04 (10:00pm)
The Empty Bottle and Muy Romantico present HOTT/NUTTZZ featuring:
DJ Yves St. LeRoc
DJ Coco LeRoc
DJ Champagne James
DJ Dead Bent

Thats me, Miles, JR and Ben Fasman.

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