September 02, 2004


God lives here, in Rhode Island. Or, perhaps, is just shootin' cupidarrowed love game here on the clean streets of downtown Providence.

Left the hotel early to go outside and forrage for peace of mind, as in the immediate post dawn hours my brain space was found floating in the existential bedpan. Crossing the street to the tea store, I was tear-eyed and slumped, yet a bump of a bear-man in a F-150 hollurs "Hey baby! Hey beautiful!" as I made my way past him, through the crosswalk. Perhaps the only time in my life I felt grateful for some casual cat-calling. I gave him a wave.

Every person I passed today was honey sweet, smiling and gracious, like town folk in a musical, it was if they all knew I was not from these parts and were howdy-strangering me to welcome me. Taxi driver gave me an unmetered detour to show me HP Lovecraft's grave and some historical places, as soon as I told him I was from Chicago. Later, a man on the street singing along with some new jack R&B on his walkman, jubillant, clapping and shuffling like he was front row at Fifth Street Baptist rather than on his lunch break from his cafeteria job at the Chamber of Commerce. I smiled at him and he sing-songs back, shrugging, "I Can't help it! I'M HAPPY!" and kept clapping. I told him thank you, but he could not hear me. I wanted to ask him if he could follow me around for the rest of the day singing Mary J and Big Star songs. In my fantasy of heaven, it is something like Providence.

Tonight is the pre-wedding party for the Rjyan and Roby "Magic Happens!" costume wedding. Roby's band, WEATHER, is playing at a haunted house. (WEATHER is the best band I have seen since I was a zygote, link soon) Not sure if it is A Haunted House or simply a house that is haunted. Then Sage is performing some of his new album at a 10-person capacity club tonight - will report on that tomorrow.

Adventure is at hand. I think the ocean is around here maybe. Might try and find it. Go freestyle battle the sand.

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