August 31, 2004


Little of note to speak of, to opine about other than malaise and disgust re: RNC, other than Rick Santorum saying "child" instead of "fetus" on NPR, other than the local GenX trash-medium pub Red Streak getting up in arms against the anti-RNC protest - calling it "rude" -- this from a paper that had a "Is Pregnancy Sexy?" cover story this summer. Makes me walk around with lightning bolts in my head, muttering like Frankenstein "those fucking assholes", wishing that a giant mutant Godzilla-like fetus would come and sit on Rick Santorum, crushing him while he begs for mercy, and that I could watch it live on C-Span.

Today, I drive to Mnpls, then we're off to Rhode Island for Rjyan and Roby's costume-required-wedding in a park. I have no idea what I am going as - Miles suggested with a leotard and a toilet paper dispenser, I could go Mumenschantz.

Also, the new Xlr8r with my Le Tigre cover story on it is out today.

Special to whomever is reading this: I hope your day is really, really excellent. I hope your day is the fucking best. Whatever that entails for you.

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