August 27, 2004


Today, a friend, who is in AA, recounted this story:

"So, last night I spoke at this meeting at a Jewish treatment center here in LA. And, you know, no place, aside from perhaps prison, is as heavy with sexual tension as a treatment center because everyone is about one minute sober, has no idea what to do with themselves and just wants to bang. It's totally nervewracking to be around. Anyhow, so I walk in to the office, which is staffed by two girls, maybe seventeen, who are residents-in-treatment. I tell them I am there for the meeting. One of the girls just eyes me, then goes "You're early, sit down." and seats me at a chair that occupies the two feet of space between their desks, and then they resume their conversation. One says "Yeah, I just like to get on and ride and ride," to which the other replies "Nope, not me, I like to be on the bottom, just having the shit fucked out of me."" Then there is a silence, and they just look at me and the "shit fucked outta me girl" asks "So, you Jewish?"

Last night, I was out on my bike, stopping by friends', trying to see if anyone had some Elmers or super glue they could loan me, as I was mid craft project ( glueing six inches of my freshly cut hair to a CD case for an auction for a childrens charity - no, really!). It was a little after midnight. I was standing outside Miles' apartment, which is above the Empty Bottle, waiting for him to answer, and overheard an extremely drunk man in the throes of a personal melee:

(slurring all words together, almost yelling) "No. No! You know I am the best boyfriend you have ever had. Or will have! Ever. (pause) Listen. You cannot do better than me. (pause) . You know, go ahead, go fuck him. But it won't be better than me. Ever. I'm the best boyfriend. Everrrrrrr ."

Lastly, Jon Caramanica is examining disturbing shit with fun and ease over at his spot.

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