August 25, 2004


This Saturday, I am DJing the closing reception for the Veteran Feminists of America conference at UIC. It's for women who have been in the women's movement since 1965. With this in mind, I rented the puniest PA system I possibly could, which the organizers were very excited about "Oh good, we'd like you to keep it quiet!"

And what are the hot plates I rounded up in the dead-alb's bin at Reckless for the VFA break-of-dawner? Carly Simon albums, Rickie Lee Jones debut, Judy Collins - Judith, a mint copy of Court and Spark , Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like a Wheel, Helen Reddy's Greatest Hits (I could probably play both sides in their entirety if i wanted), Carole King - Music, Dionne Warwick, Anita Baker "Givin' You The Best That I Got" and if I feel like taking it up-tempo some Minnie Riperton. Total cost for this lite/femme shopping spree: ONE DOLLAR. Please believe I plan to have radical nanas bumpin' on the parquet until things wrap at 9 pm with the accoustic gonzo (and maybe some Laura Nyro if I can dig it up).

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