August 20, 2004


I wrote to Sasha about his responce to Franklin's list this morning. Sasha said "post it", and Sasha is somebody else's dad, but I listen to what he says like he is mine to. Please note I am not being saucy for real. I am being saucy and taste-snobby for fake because I wrote this, literally, nine minutes after waking up. I like Franklin, he's smart! Blogging is about debating en public. Feel the heat!

Text as follows:
"If anyone, anywhere is trying to get you to listen to Bettie Seveeert again, you should instruct them to find a fax machine, insert themselves into it and dial into the future! COME TO WHERE WE ARE! It's great!

PS. It's part of our duty, as people with ears, to beef with indie rock lyrics, to beef with whiteness (metaphorically, literal, and metaphysical). Most people cannot write their way out of loose, greasy hamster habitrail, and thusly thats why people celebrate Modest Mouse and other things that affirm our right to indulgence. Indie rock fandom is a scion of duty, blind abidance -- we care -- so we naysay.

NOW, indie rock lyricists I like, which for this morning is tempered by what I can see because for some reason I went to the internet before i even brushed my teeth or showered (what is wrong with me!?). (Also note, a list of "trad" indie, not cassette only bands (thats cheating!) or New Zealanders or punk-punkers, even, really, just inclusive-revisionist Olympia style everyone's a punk-punkers):

Travis from Dis Plan
Dan Higgs of Lungfish
Chad from B. Pill/ Smart Went Crazy
Buckner is great too, but I wish he was a little more raw sometimes and I also wish I knoew who had all my Buckner albums. WAIT A MINUTE CHRIS RYAN HAS THEM!
Mark Lanegan is underrated, but if he sang any different than he sang, I doubt I would care
I like K. Hanna too, but I think sarcasm is a brittle way to get your agenda across. But she wins because she made everyone uncomfy. Le Tigre lyrics I like to read, like better than BKill.
Guy, and Ian, but not the bassist who's name I forget.
Kim Gordon & Thurston (not Lee - simply becuase singing about a sailboat explosion amidst kim singing about kissing and thurston singing about J mascis! Christ!)
The girls from Black Peppercorns. They have a song about a First Aid Kid and a song about their mom dying. That's dexterity, mon homme.
Courtney Love - because even when she's too obvious, it's weirdness only in the name of some fantasticly imagined greater feminist good where she is a deity and no girls get called fat or slut. Too bad citing allegiance with anything "her" now gets you scoffs and looks like you just shit the bed. Lyrically: Kurt = eternally overrated, Courtney = lyrical power will be forgotten until she dies.
Craig Finn. Lifter Puller and Hold Steady -- His themes and delivery are indelible.
I like Catpower lyrics, but mostly for the way she sings them.
I started liking Smog again this year, but I do not like him because you can tell he knows he is clever. He's got a couple devices, the way he turns phrases out, he knows what he's doing, and they are good, I can give him that much. I like it when he goes "when you were just a little squirrel" and I like it when he goes "I was a teenage spaceship." Those are the best. "

Addendum: I cannnot get down with the rest of Franklin's list because he's got David Berman from Silver Jews showing up on that barometer. To me that say we're working on different spectrums entirely. I have to get out my Steve Malkamus limited edition Matador '96 cum rag/hat to concave my worldview enough to let David Berman take up residence.

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