August 19, 2004


Peter Scholtes goes deep on an oral history of Minnesota hip-hop . This is epic and will eat an entire afternoon of precious worktime, and the pictures will make you rethink your looks for fall, entirely. Be forewarned!

Also, in a massive stroke of luck, or rather, owing to Kiki Yablon's deep benevolence, my "I spent my summer on Warped tour" essay is the coverstory on The Chicago Reader, out today. It's not actually posted online until it's archived next week (I think.). So no links, only hard copies - if you live in town. ( I swear, I am not lying, it does exist, just not on the internet)

My boyfriend's version of these same events, is available on news stands today in the form of SPIN magazine, his accounting is much more candid than mine.

Jonah Bayer's version of Warped All Summer Long is up, now, as well. Jonah ran the Alt. Press autographing tent for like, 5 weeks. Last time I saw him, he had a rash from his wristband, a sunburn, a look in his eye that indictated he had moved beyond the threshold . Imagine your job was keeping Taking Back Sunday or Motion City Soundtrack or Rufio fans from getting out of hand. Watching girls squeal-weep as some dude in a terrible band signs their 15 year old stomach would make yr arm have a rash too! Think about it!

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