August 12, 2004


The funny thing is happening, really the most obvious thing, but none the less, it feels worth remarking upon. Reading different takes on the same night on someone else's blog. Granted, Miles is one of my best pals and my bandmate, so it's not a terrible surprise when we wind up doing the same thing . What Mile did not note about his evening: He was wearing a tan sport coat and eating Ritz crackers.

Miles suggests the first A Billion Dollars shirts read "A Billion Dollars Got Love For Hos." I think that in the Golden Age of Irony and the Afterglow of the Calculatedly Earnest Era should be put under quickly, and that we should herald the much needed the Decade Long Bender of Welcoming Positivity (aka the future where no one is a ho, or at least no one uses ho in the purjorative, but rather in self-celebration only) and thusly I counter with: " A Billion Dollars is a Great Band That I Like" - or nothing at all. Blank t shirts for those with atrophied imaginations. At least that way the shirt is perfect, and also goes against the grain of band shirt as identity signifier/ the potent free ad space of the young chest -- your fandom is secret and precious, sacred, freeing us all from the bilious profanity of the concept of BAND T-SHIRT. Is that too conceptual?. I think 2005 is about telling the truth, because lying and having autonomy from reality-at-hand is very Current Administration, and thusly, should not be echoed or emulated on any level, intra-personal or in collective identity or spirit.

I spent my whole summer on Warped, dudette, everything from the foamy script on an Atreyu shirt to the type-writer sans serif font on the NEW FOUND GLORY HOT PINK HEART SHAPED CHANGE PURSE is lying to us . 2005 = The joy of Telling It Like It Is or not at all.

(P.s. My birthday is Sept 5th, and I would really like that NFG change purse. They are only 5 dollars. I'm so serious.)

Also, lets not forget, it's almost the weekend and The Casual Dots are a terrific band with such wicked songs .

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