August 07, 2004

New York is alright if you like dictaphones.

Back on Warped tour. Camden New Jersey and now New York. Lucky streak with Cee-lo is over. I lost 12$ shooting dice last night and that was that. Slept strange and dreamt I was in a performance art/musical revue called "RONALD REAGAN WAS A NAZI" in which I portrayed Nancy.

Trevor was at the show today, with a pin on his hat that said MALL EMO with a heart. I saw him last week, when he passed through Chicago en route to moving here. I put a nine hour mix-tape on his iPod for his enjoyment, which he is still making his way through. We talked about California and Didion and his need for a pedicure.

I did not watch any bands, but walked around taking pictures of the kids. Today is the biggest show of the tour, sold out crowd of 25,000. The kids here were not as punk-looking as other crowd. Just dusty and enthusiastic. The lens on the camera did not feel big enough to take it all in. I couldn't get it right.

Now we are downtown in a hotel. There are people across the street having sex. Tonight we go and front like we are social with our New York People, then head to Englishtown NJ, for the next installment of mall emo.

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