August 04, 2004


Today's halftime show:

1. Every article I have seen on the Chicks with Attitude tour make me want to unibomb my own apartment. This being no exception. Also, after 11 years, Liz P is getting no love locally (She's old! Divorced! Too sexy! Can barely play guitar! Sings poorly! Too self possesed! - Jae Ha Kim lets it flow like Niagara Falls). Maybe that explains why in every single press photo Liz is spread eagle'd and half naked, crawling on the floor or casually pointing at her cho-cha .

2. Q-Tip answering reader querie in Jane. Reader asks "Is it okay to not dress up for a date, if I don't feel like it?" Q responds: Yes, he expects girls to dress up for dates -- dressing up is nice, though not dressing up is ok, as long a girl's outfit has "some consistency." (?)

Today, may we suggest you fight the brainwashing with Tobi Vail's YOKO ANTHEM which originally appeared in Bikini Kill fanzine #1.

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