August 04, 2004


Last night, Miles and I went to see Del Cielo at the Big Horse. The Big Horse is a pizza/taco place that has a sliding porch door rather than a normal front door, which adds to the decrepit junkie-bar atmosphere. The cook came out from behind the counter in his apron and took our money. He did not have a thumb.

We split mid-set and went to a food bar, where we then camped for three hours, trapped by the flash-flood style rain. Tim Rutilli was DJing Spaceman3, Liz came over and giggled and gossiped and showed us her tan, fresh from the playa en Mexico. We talked about our new band A Billion Dollars and our inchoate desire to play "Louie Louie," -- if you are in a band - it's a script in your DNA.

Miles and I talked about "emo" porn and an interview I had read with Keiko, the star of the forthcoming Art School Sluts . Porn has been the hot topic of late, or the subject of much interrogation from me, amongst my porn-watching male friends - why they watch it, what they like and why, what they think about it, how they got into watching porn, do they have any moral dilemmas with it . Someone asked me a few weeks ago how I felt about porn. I said I didn't know, "What do you mean you don't know?" they said -- I should really know. Being a feminist, a dworkinist-feminist at that, I am of several, polarized minds about porn, something I am barely familiar with. In order to find a solid opinion on the topic - I committed myself to research. Thus, I just think it's "funny" (anyone having sex on the roll bars of a Jeep Wrangler is bound to be) and "interesting" (girls on cocaine are rarely otherwise!), neither of which really constitutes an opinion. Though, Ben just offered to loan me a DVD of Weapons of Ass Destruction , which, sounds like it could be a real opinion-maker.

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