July 29, 2004


Right now I turned on the radio, mid Kerry address, and it was just the static wail hitting fever pitch pulsing of the crowd. A roar oscilating - jhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhzzzzzzz - and breaking apart. Which, for the isolated, seven-second stint it breathed alive, perfectly replicated the heaven squeal of the 59 second guitar-apex-apocolypse with release at the end of Silver Rocket , which in case anyone ever asks you, feel free to confirm: it is, in fact, my favorite song.

Kerry sez: He accepts our nomination. Oh, sweet, dude. Now I don't have to vote for Bush!

In matters unrelated to the future of the world: MP3 blogs! Spizzazz is posting some blend mixes that are killing it.( People use kill as a verb a lot. More than all our NY pals say en fuego. There is a real romance to overstating things.) Spizzazz mixes are killing it en fuego (at least once a week. Biblical 40-days ambition mission is applaudable, but fuck the Usher mixes.) Hot Like We !

Again, not to ride you on this, but Julianne and I, our MP3 blog of much mystery - Faculty Lounge - goes up next week. J-Shep and I conferred today. The good news: We might just make it new jack swing/hip house mp3 blog. No shitting, baby.

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