July 29, 2004


Last night I saw the future and it's pulsing sex/death stutter grinding neon hot for 30 minutes. It was unrepentant, convulsive and thunderous with screeching so rupturously violent -- it makes me wanna kiss the pavement with your teeth.

These Arms Are Snakes create that sort of tension thats only resolved through fighting, fucking or playing a show -- so -- I don't blame the kid that started punching grills in the pit, a fight that took out the sidebarrier wall, with kids spilling on to the newly polished bowling lanes then all the way outside (This right when I showed up. I was seperated from the club door by some drunk shirtless crazy hardcorester screaming "BRING IT ON YOU FUCKING F****TS!" - Andy and the other nutso doormen were blocking the entrance, Andy advancing nibly, brandishing a chair like liontamer, other bouncers armed with a wooden chair leg and a blade of a ceiling fan . Rumble, Chicago, Rumble! ). If the guy was serious about wanting to see gay dudes bring it, he should of just gone back inside and kept watching the band.

The fight happened during the most dark side of the moon delay pedal sprawl, with Stevie climbing and pawing the monitors like a cat on a carpeted scratch pad. He jumped off the top of Ryan's amp and landed, crawled over, grabbed my head with his filthy sweaty hands and kissed my forehead, then did the same to the whole front row, stood, screamed something cool and unintellgible, threw out a limp-paw, legs locked akimbo, pouted, sneered, lifted his too small shirt to show us his fish belly, resumed caterwauling, eyes rolling back into his head. He finished the song sitting on the bass drum, legs crossed, casual with the mic, flitting his hands with drama -- like he was Dean Martin at the piano bench. The rest of the band stealing the air with the whump-whump-screeeeeeeeee. whump whump whump screeeee. Mutiny is the bounty, kiddos.

I only get ensnared in the mythic thrust of rockstardom when I watch this band. They do not have the right kind of solos to be on MTV, but goddamn if they do not feel like the only band rightfully stalking the earth when they play.

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