July 28, 2004


Today, a Vice Records recording artists super duper full length - VietNam came in the mail. TERRIFIC!

I love it when sketchy hardcore kids turn a new leaf, especially, when the leaf is madd bananas junkie rock. Especially when the leaf is Neil Haggerty's solos, Polynesian VU teenage tribute band, TB Sheets with screwing in place of death and Dylan's Rolling Thunder tour bootlegs. Especially when on the cover, they look like the two most strung out dudes ever, putting on their sweatpants at dawn to go line up for their drizzle of methadone at the clinic. Purely speculation of course on the drug-usage. Some people in Brooklyn wear men's shelter outfits and grow facial hair and wear bruise make-up on their eyes because looking shook in yr being-core what being cool is about in some parts of the country. And if you do not understand wanting to be cool, if you can fault anyone for that, you are in denial, out of touch with your own soul or 1,000 years old.

Meanwhile, my asst. Casey, who had multiple high school bands with the VietNam dudes, just told me some great stories about them, back when they used to be in Carbomb and 100 Watt Clock and some other TX HXC bannz, all of which sounded like Fugazi meets Nation of Ullysses (Joe Gross will vouch for me on this), several stories of which involved the now-singer from VietNam hitting an extended VAMPIRE phase, where he wore a floor length red leather cape with a sticking-up collar for some time. Props to him for making the commitment public. Think about how cool you have to be to even consider getting your hands on a red leather cape of that magnitude, let alone, leaving the house with it on -- to go to shows even.

Young fashion ideas are the best part of my trillion-day stinting on Warped Tour this summer. Kids, age 13, with clumps of gluey substance weighting down flaccid schmoe-hawks. Jeans with the name of every band you have ever read about in an issue of Alternative Press written in blue Bic pen. Matching neon pink outfits. T shirts that on the front identify you as "J" and "Tiff" and on the back say "The Adventure of J and Tiff" -- when I see these kids, all I can think about is being 15 and trying to alarm the world with my appearance, writing FUCK really big on the leg of my jeans, like it was a commandment. Writing FUCK as if I knew what it actually entailed or something.

Props to all teenage ideas everywhere.
Word up to all people trying to convince the world that they are cool.

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