July 27, 2004


Today, for the second time this year, I did an interview for a local magazine after being named as one of "Chicago's Top 30 Under 30". The last one was horrible, for reasons small and innumberable - in the story I was placed between slicked-hair business proteges and a hot real estate agent. Today, I told the writer, who I think was given a one sentance bio and an my contact info as prep, that I would rather work under a bridge giving handjobs than have the profile be about me being a publicist. I know it sounds extreme, but I really meant it.

In other news, aside from Chris Ryan, I am the only person in America who is feeling Tipping Point . I like it for the reason that everyone else does not feel it. Because a meditation on mediocrity, with little hot ash piles of song stuffed into tiny holes in the mix is sometimes exactly what you want. I like it because I liked Whitechocolatespacegg. It asks almost nothing of the listener. It's just songs. It's just an album. It may not even have more than one track that takes up real estate in the iPod, but that does not keep me from enjoying it because it does not engage viscerally.

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