July 26, 2004


This morning, c. 8:04am, plodding heavy lidded through Northstar Court, the mall within the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Aeroport, past the epic-lined breakfast rush at Burger King, I asked myself, (maybe even out loud), what have I learned from all this traveling and touring of the last four months. The first real answer that came to mind:

1.White people are ugly, mean and ungrateful and they always look unhappy, even when they are getting their way.
2. Most men look sad and hungry. Esp. ones with breifcases.

Also en route: Freshman girls at baggage claim in de rigeur hangover clothes - messy ponytail, U of M sweats ( aka "public jammies"), one seen travelling with a 36-inch tall plush brown stuffed bear. I imagined she was on her way to camp, now after seven years -- she is finally a counselour. All her old friends from camp even know her bear's name.

Event horizon: packs and pairs of unaccompanied minors, pink faces mashed and squirting hot wet tears, too-large back packs with activity books popping out, being marched off through metal detectors, yelling for mom -- the shuffle of joint custody. I could hardly watch.

Still terrible: I thought it only happened in Chicago laundrymats after midnight, but parents let little kids eat Doritos and Pepsi for breakfast. I have seen diaper aged shorties all over the USA eatting fucking Slim Jims and Mountain Dew EXtreme at 7:30 am in BP parking lots, and it is upsetting.

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