July 23, 2004


The Mean Reds are a real punk band. They are from Tucson, and come into line somewhere right behind the so-tragic/so-genius Rhino39 on the richter of teenage bandom (early Dischord catalog has the top-end of the list on lock, natch). The Mean Reds have all the fire and all of the posturing of Nation of Ulysses, but instead of suits and manifestos, they have experimental 'scrips and Bob Stinson's closet. They look like scumbags that sleep in the desert. I am not sure they have any idea what they are doing. I just do not think there is any way for them to know the transgressive force being shit out by their furious nucleus.

They graduated High School in June. They are on the Warped Tour all summer, throwing down "I Slept In An Arcade" marred with lamaze birth SCREE and SCRAPE, making like the Weirdos at quintuple the speed, with blazing leads and solos and someone rolling on the ground screaming "HOLLA! PLAYA! HOLLA PLAYA!" as a close aprox. to a chorus - covered in cuts, naked 'cept for swim trunks and boat shoes. WTF?!

They are on Warped all summerdespite getting almost thrown off on the second day for running their mouths about what punk rock is and is not, what capitalism is and is not. Meanwhile, they are still on the tour for the entire summer (self idictment is the teen stee!), still on some 3 inch high stage at the back of the parking lot, looking filthy and wearing women's vests and having stinging keyboard solos, the eyelinered singer, Anthony, looking like a Keene painting of a rehab rat (better yet, a Vice "Do") screams til his eyes tear, streaking the dirt on his face, misses out entirely in taking pride in being the best wrong combo of infinite young ideas.

Once me and J-Shep's MP3 blog, FACULTY LOUNGE, "launches" next week, yr maw will be struck open and you will not be able to hold down a job. We are going to be spoon feeding you every hot bump from every best demo cassette. BEST! BEST! All around, BEST!

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