July 20, 2004


Last night, Challenger endured a stunted/stilted/shunted (can't decide!) writing practice for our European album, for Day After, the Czech label. I have not been a writing member of a "serious" (what you assume it means in capitalist punk rock USA terms) recording band in a paraqueets age, and I might as well be learning it for the first time. Being in a band is difficult for me because lots of times my hands just do not do what I want them to, my ideas do not come out like I want. I was trying for something heavy and catastrophic, scary (like Converge, possibly) but it winds up sounding like a band that plays the State Fair (namely Kansas).

Dispose of ego, do not get too attached to any one idea, try and get your parts worked out in two tries instead of four. We record in seven days, lets keep efficiency at the fore.

Al and I wrote a chunk of a song over the weekend, which we all worked on last night. Dave asked us what part comes after the chorus, and I said "I was thinking some big explosive solo" and then made noises sang him the "reeee-rowwwhhh-reee-reee-rooo" of my imagined "next parts" because I do not know the notes for him or I to play. "Do you know the notes? Do you you guys have something worked out?" -he asks. No. No. I just trust everyone can just jam shit out and make it feel pretty genius. Thats not the right answer. Naw, man, this is not a song it's just the shit that I sing up as I ride my bike around at 1:40 am, watching the street lamps trace arcing light on the contours of the cars. I am just trying to translate: turn the crimson ash ends of the smoking porch-bound ancients of my Ukrainian Village hood into some gtr-screed that feel ennuificent (A sharp into C flat minor? Wha?). Trying to make my best Kim Gordon less Kim Gordon. Milk inspiration into blood, or what might pass for a good idea or if I can turn my pockets out, maybe talent. Or something.

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