July 18, 2004

New Ro ! New Ro!

It's worth paying import prices for this if you have to. 18.99 at Tower, FYI.

The fear in Modern English songs is tenative, but the anger is real. There are bands that have neither. They have the affectation of mood. At work: Those 51 Interpol-imp bands that wear ties. I admit: It feels good to go into their atonal disco amnio-sac, there is no fear in their music, no gymnastic requirements of us as listener. Look good, stay high, keep dancing. Interpol is the handjob of modern bands. It's kind of like "sure, hey, why not like Interpol? I have nothing better to do" -- so, salud to stupid music that's not going to remind you about the war or remind us of the burdens of luxury and priviledge. Really, I want eternal dance-floor firmament as much as anyone else. I like polemics, but I also like the deus ex machina of epic Kylie remixes stretching the glorius hours between midnight and 4 am. Giving in is only natural: hence the popularity of Franz Ferdinand.

What I am trying to say is I think Modern English is your best option, if this is the course.

They are not affecting mood, they are genuinely a little scary. They were gearing towards dissonant disco but detoured in machete hack bossa nova, gtr drenching and really questionable effects processing. Sweet screaming, a cowbell break, stereo-panning phasered bass -- what the eff?! It's so right.

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