July 16, 2004


It's funny when the best idea and the worst idea are the same thing.

Over breakfast, JR & I thought that De La Soul was playing for free tonight. I searched the internet, and it turns out the show is $33. "33 bucks is not what we pay to see De la Soul in this decade" says JR. During my search, I found what might be the most useful site for touring Chicago, ever at SoulofAmerica.com

Also, over breakfast my dad, who was visiting, told us this exciting story:

In December 1989, my dad was a photojournalist based in Mexico City -- but was visiting his parents in Indiana for Christmas. His dad woke him up and told him that the US invaded Panama . My dad got up and onto a series of flights, landig in Costa Rica 24 hours later, with some other photojournalists. They chartered a prop plane, which brought them within 50 yards of the Panamanian border. They then paid a driver $300 to take them over the border. Not having visas, they bribed their way into the country. They paid another cab to take them as close to Panama City as they could get, which was not very close. They ended up walking the rest of the way -- lugging all their photo equipment and three transmitters (this is before the magic of email and digital cameras). My dad lied to some Marines, and checked into the Holiday Inn, to a room overlooking the the front of Noriega's Vatican Embassy hideout. He spent the next 13 days looking through the viewfinder of a camera, in eight hour shifts, alternating with another photographer, until Noriega came out, so that they could have the first pictures of his surrender.

We asked him to tell us the story about the time secret police beat him with his own camera, but he said it was not really a breakfast story.

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