July 11, 2004


I have conducted some minor research, and have conclusive evidence: "Ek Pardesi Mera Dil Le Gaya" - the Mohammed Rafi - Asha Bhosle duet beats out Jadakiss for the hot summer single, despite that it's 37 years old or so. "Dum Maro Dum" also by Asha Bhosle running a very close third.

Last night, Rjyan and I celebrated my return from eternal tour by doing some performance art. After eating a pound of cherries each, we started mashing them in our hands, replicating stigmata, rubbing the pulpy bits them all over our mouths and faces, staining our arms and hands, putting the juice all over Rjy's shirt. We wanted to look like we have been devouring a carcass of some sort, like jackals. Judging by the looks we got at Walgreens when we went to by the disposable camera, we succeeded. We were stopped by a large cabal of pubscent boys, who asked who hit me. Joking, I told them Rjyan did. He had to evidence cherries from of his mouth to prove that it was all just a funny game we were playing with fruit so they did not start pounding him. "Doo, you can't be hittin on girls!" they told him. Amen.

In other news: Julianne and I are starting a joint mp3 blog.

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